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Be a partner: enhance service quality and thus customer satisfaction! Benefit from networking and the constant exchange of experience of our partners.

With your membership you can make Global Network Keg Services even more global and efficient, implementing flexible and customer-oriented keg service in order to generate success – no matter when, no matter where!

As a partner you benefit from our worldwide network of committed partners for an interesting, constantly growing customer base. The continuous exchange of experience of our partners with experts from all over the world allows safe process engineering and constant improvements of services at the highest level for consistently satisfied customers.

The satisfaction of our customers is our quality standard.

The mutual support of our partners makes a diversity of supply possible for all members.
Mutual exchange of experience as well as access to special technology and marketing campaigns are unique advantages for the members of our network. As a GNKS member you have access to common resources and expert knowledge in our network, you can generate additional tasks thanks to an extended range of options, thus strengthening your company.

Take advantage of this extraordinary partner concept now and ensure your economic success by using our keg network based on partnership and our quality.

Our service network at a glance:

Our service network at a glance
  • Mutual support and transfer of knowledge
  • Variety of offers
  • Access to special technology
  • Common marketing campaigns

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