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A strong brand needs quality. Well-maintained and reliable kegs for beer and drinks do not only ensure the success of your business but also the high and constant quality of your products: getting rid of deformations and possible leaks, guaranteeing a constantly high product quality and service life of  the kegs due to regular keg maintenance, reducing keg complaints – GNKS will find a solution for you!

Wide range of services

World-class quality by local service partners

Reliable and uniform services

Regular exchange of know how between the partners

Powerful network for the processing of market exceeding service orders

If you have any questions we as a partner are happy to be at your disposal

Your GNKS advantages

Thanks to our global keg network with professional service partners we can guarantee a fast and flexible processing of your enquiries and competent advice on different topics around kegs. Our local partners convince with high reliability and a broad range of expertise due to a continuous international exchange with specialists from all over the world.

Well-maintained, clean and reliable kegs represent your brand and quality standards!

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Keg Services
  • Straightening of chimes
  • Neck straightening
  • Fitting service
  • Internal keg cleaning
  • New colour band
  • Transponder and/ or bar code
  • Mobile keg service
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