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Reliable – efficient – sustainable

Stainless steel kegs have been a loyal contributor to the beverage industry for decades. With our offerings you can extend your keg fleet to a highly efficient and reliable standard in quality. You have the choice between new stainless steel kegs, quickly available keg from stock and used kegs. Also financing is possible with GNKS: with the rental and leasing offerings of our GNKS partners we provide interesting opportunities for the expansion of your keg fleet.

Our offering:

Stainless Steel Kegs

Your advantages: 

  • Stainless steel kegs “Made in Germany“ for beer, wine and soft drinks
  • Established containers for your keg washing and filling system
  • Investment security due to Franke's 30 year warranty
  • Intergrated safety and security due to an integrated rupture disk
  • 100% taste neutrality due to stainless steel

New Stainless Steel Kegs

For all kinds of purposes and market requirements you will find the right keg with GNKS. From our wide range of kegs you choose between steel kegs or kegs with top and bottom chimes made of HDPE, PP or PE. Furthermore with the party keg you receive a keg for special occasions. Our kegs are applicable for filling beer and wine as well as soft drinks. Starting January 1, 2013, Franke Beverage Systems has secured its quality commitment in form of the 30-year warranty.

The following conditions are preconditions for receiving the guarantee:

  • Keg with a 2D barcode done by Franke
  • Alternatively a RFID transponder welded by Franke
  • Date of manufacture as of 01 January 2013

For the guarantee to remain valid for the whole period of time the kegs have to be maintained in regular intervals of a maximum of 7 years. GNKS is looking forward to providing this service for you. The complete conditions of warranty you can find at www.kegwarranty.com.

New stainless steel kegs are available from the following GNKS partners: Franke Blefa GmbH, Franke Beverage Systems Inc., Close Brothers Brewery Rentals und Keg Exchange und Bintani.

Kegs from stock

Your advantages: 

  • Availbale directly from stock
  • Individual marking
  • Available even for smaller quantities (ask for details)
  • In the accustomed Franke quality “Made in Germany”
  • With Franke´s 30 year warranty

Kegs from stock

Stainless steel kegs with your individual marking

Especially in the high season there could be shortages in your keg fleet – despite intensive and exact planning. If new kegs have to be delivered longer production and delivery times have to be expected. With Readykegs for the European market and KwikKegs for the North American market Franke Beverage Systems has found the answer to offer your kegs from stock in the accustomed Franke quality, fast and with your individual marking.

Next to Franke Beverage Systems you can obtain kegs from stock also from the following GNKS partners: Close Brothers Brewery Rentals, Keg Exchange, Bintani

The following types of kegs are available from stock:

ProgramKegtype Existing volume
ReadykegEURO (stackable) 30l, 50l
ReadykegDIN (stackable) 30l, 50l
KwikKegUS-Kegs (not stackable) 1/6 bbl, slim 20l, slim ¼ bbl., slim 30l, EURO 50l,  ½ bbl.
Used kegs

Your advantages:

  • Wide range of used kegs for beer, wine and soft drinks
  • Top quality thanks to careful inspection
  • Can be individualized according to your wishes

Used Kegs

Stainless steel kegs in top quality

Our GNKS partners offer you a broad range of used kegs for beer, wine and soft drinks. These kegs are subject to extensive service, fittings are replaced and the kegs are cleaned inside and outside. This means the used kegs can be operational in your plants right away.

Moreover old brand names are removed and your brand name can be applied on the keg on request. Please feel free to contact us for your individual used keg offer!

You can obtain used kegs from the following GNKS partners: Franke Beverage Systems Inc., Close Brothers Brewery Rentals und Keg Exchange.

Keg rental and leasing

Your advantages: 

  • Short-term increase of your keg fleet without capital investment
  • Stainless steel kegs in proven Franke quality
  • Either you take over the leased kegs or return them
  • Can be individualized according to your wishes

Keg Rental and Leasing

Financing offers by our GNKS partner

Rental and leasing offerings of our GNKS partners will free capital for important investments into your brewery or marketing activities. Get your specific offer for additional keg needs or even for your existing keg assets.

You receive stainless steel kegs in proven Franke quality. These can be individualized according to your wishes. Contact us for your special offer!

Currently, the following GNKS partners offer keg rental and leasing: Close Brothers Brewery Rentals und Bintani.

Program Partner Available in
RentalClose Brothers Brewery RentalsUnited Kingdom, Republic Ireland



Further keg service areas of GNKS:

Keg Maintenance

  • Keg Service
  • Mobile Keg Service
  • Fitting Service

Keg Modification

  • Keg Volume Reduction
  • Rebranding
  • Neck Conversion (patented)

Keg Management

  • 2D-Matrix-Barcode
  • UHF / LF RFID / Bulk Scanning 
  • GPS